Continuing Education for Professional Aviation Maintenance Certification (PAMC)

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The Professional Aviation Maintenance Certification (PAMC) course is an advanced five week continuing education course for the experienced Aviation Maintenance professional. The course is designed to provide an intensive investigation of the range of technologies, aircraft functions, and maintenance responsibilities of the civilian aviation maintenance field. It is designed for students who have familiarity and experience with aviation maintenance through military or civilian experience, and who seek to transition to professional civilian certification in the field.

Because of the advanced content of this course and the rapid pace of coverage, enrollees must be familiar with aviation maintenance within a professional setting prior to enrollment. Applicants must provide documentation of possessing one of the following qualifications in order to be admitted into this course:

  • An appropriate graduation certificate or certificate of completion from a certificated aviation maintenance technician school;
  • At least 18 months of practical experience with the procedures, practices, materials, tools, machine tools, and equipment generally used in constructing, maintaining, or altering airframes or powerplants, or;
  • At least 30 months of practical experience with both airframe and powerplant practices, materials, and equipment.

The course covers aircraft and powerplant fundamentals, as well as the range of theoretical knowledge required within the professional aviation maintenance workplace. Within the institution’s classroom and hangar environment, the student engages in a fast-paced, hands-on instruction on FAA-specific content, including airframe types, nomenclature, aerodynamics, and the full range of airframe technology. They also learn the types of powerplants used on aircraft, nomenclature associated with these powerplants, major components, and operating cycles. Reciprocating, turbine, and unducted fan type engines are covered. In addition to subjects taught in the lab and classroom, there is an interactive video portion to this course.

This type of training experience is one of a kind that combines personalized, adaptive learning and predictive analytics to help the aviation maintenance technician prepare for the high-stakes test in the most convenient, effective and efficient way possible. This course covers everything a technician needs to know to pass the General, Airframe and Powerplant written tests. Learners can master material in discrete five-to seven-minute lessons. The course features 97 animated videos that explain complex theories, as well as real world test problems. Learners also have access to more than 1000 practice activities to help them get acquainted and comfortable with the test environment.

Upon completion of this course, students are prepared to transition in to a civilian position as a professional aircraft maintainer, and will be qualified to become certified by the FAA as an A&P mechanic. Credits earned are fully transferable to the Aviation Institute of Maintenance’s accredited academic programs.

Reasons Why the Professional Aviation Maintenance Certification Online Course Will Help You:

  • It's interactive - The online course content includes video training and uses scenario-based learning.
  • It guides you by your skill set - You will be given over 1000 comprehensive learning activities based on what you already know.
  • It's convenient - Take online at home or on campus.
  • It was developed by AIM - We made this for our students to cover the material taught in class in a convenient way at their own pace.

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  • General Certification – Areas of instruction include Basic Electricity, Aircraft Drawings, Weight & Balance, and more!
  • Airframe Certification - Areas of instruction include Aircraft Covering, Aircraft Finishes, Assembly & Rigging, and more!
  • Powerplant Certification - Areas of instruction include Reciprocating Engines, Turbine Engines, Engine Instrument Systems, and more!

This course is avocational in nature and is not included in ACCSC’s scope of accreditation – not Title IV eligible. For current AIM students or graduates, inquire with your Aviation Institute of Maintenance campus registrar for more information on the Professional Aviation Maintenance Certification course.

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