Welding and Cables In Place – Team Chesapeake [Photos]

Welding and Cables In Place – Team Chesapeake

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance in – Team Chesapeake is very busy because students are building a World War 1 aircraft called a Nieuport 24. Every week we are getting various tasks done. This past week we put on the upper wing cable attachments, finished welding the support for the forward struts, and made some support cables. Another fun project we did was to manufacture some support cables for our Vickers gun. We are an aviation maintenance school that teaches individuals to become aircraft mechanics and our students work on this aircraft along with a certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic at all times. Keep checking back more pictures to come!

Upper wing cable attachment

Aft left cabane strut

Support welded in place

Mounting straps connected to gun

Flashback 2007

Frame to build fuselage

Start of building fuselage