Wing Brackets – Team Chesapeake [Photos]

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance – Team Chesapeake is working on the mounting and installation of the cabane struts and aligning up the lower and upper wing on the left side of our Nieuport 24 World War One Aircraft. In the following pictures please see our first attempt to line-up the lower wing to the fuselage, the left support strut from the lower wing to upper wing, close-up pictures of the wing brackets, mounting areas and support cables installed on the front cabane struts. You can click on pictures for a larger image if you need to and check back soon for more interesting pictures of our World War One aircraft build by our Team Chesapeake students.

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Left lower wing connection

Upper connection


Lower wing connection


Support strut

Wing bracket

Front support cables

Flashback 2007

Jig for putting cap strips on ribs

Chesap :