Team Chesapeake – Welding Cabanes [Photos]

Welding Cabanes on the Nieuport 24 Aircraft – Aviation Institute of Maintenance – Team Chesapeake [Photos]

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance – Team Chesapeake is working on the Cabane struts for the upper wing. In the following pictures you will see the forward and the aft struts with the superb welding that one of our students is doing. Kudos goes out to James Lester for welding. We removed the instrument cluster for this task to get more room. The ailerons are now connected and they move probably. After the front Cabane struts are done we will be welding that small support, aft of the strut also. Next we are working on getting the lower wing attached. Please click on pictures to see more detail and check back soon!

Thanks for looking!

Left strut welded, support is next

Back support upper welded

Welding right cabane strut

We removed instrument cluster for welding

Flashback Picture

Students laying out the fuselage, 2007