Right Wings Getting Connected – Team Chesapeake

Right Wings Getting Connected – Team Chesapeake

Our World War I aircraft, the Nieuport 24 is getting closer to a completed aircraft every week.
We are focusing on getting the right lower wing attached to the outboard struts and fuselage. Last week we finished fabricating the parts and were working on the connection point for the wings and lower fuselage attachment point.
In the following pictures we also want to “welcome” Adeniyi Solomon Awolesi, a fairly new student at our campus that is volunteering to help build this aircraft. Adeniyi says he is having fun at our school and enjoys this opportunity to help build this aircraft. This is and always has been a student project with oversight from our certified Airframe and Power Plant mechanics, our Instructors. We have had hundreds of student help build this aircraft and it is a once in a life time opportunity to be part of something like this. It is not part of our curriculum, students volunteer after school hours and on Friday because we do not have classes then. Please look at the new pictures and click on them for a close-up.

We are the Aviation Institute of Maintenance located in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA. We do more than the rest for our students because we are the best!

Adeniyi Solomon Awolesi getting ready to paint flight control


Karl Linscott working connection point

Right lower wing

outboard connection

John Dixon and Karl working outboard strut into position


Chesap :