Team Chesapeake – Left Wings In Place! [Photos]

Team Chesapeake – Left Wings In Place! [Photos]

Last week the left wing outboard cabane struts were welded and now we have them installed. We also have the support cables connected and the upper and lower wing is secured in place without any outside support! We are very happy to make it to this stage and our Nieuport 24 is looking good!

Want to give a shout out to some new student team members, Travis Parker and Anthony Ericksen. Welcome!

Join our school and help us make history with our Nieuport 24 aircraft build.


Support cables are installed!

Cable connection outboard lower wing

Connection inboard left lower wing

Upper wing

Travis Parker working Nieuport 24 part

Anthony Ericksen and Gary Garnes making sure the parts are correct

Flashback 2007!

Chesap :