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Aviation Career School Students Modify Sopwith Rotec Mount

Posted by on May 9, 2013

Rotec R3600 mount in the aviation career school hangar

Rotec R3600 mount

Inside the aviation career school you can see the Rotec R3600 mount

Rotec R3600 mount

It’s another busy week for Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Atlanta.  This week we are modifying the mount on our Sopwith Strutter. We are moving it out from the firewall to allow room for the accessories on the engine. We have added longer attach points and now it just needs the services of our expert TIG welder. The rest of the build is moving along, though it has been a bit of a struggle on a few of the parts. The aviation career school student volunteers have just about finished the metal parts for the wings, now they need assembly and welding. We continue on the wood parts for the center section of the Sopwith, though we can’t finish until we get the wing attach plates welded and installed.

Follow along with the AIM Atlanta team.

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