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AIM Announces UAS Program

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016

Prep for your Drone pilot Certification with Unmanned Aircraft Systems Training Courses

New UAS Certification Requirements Announced by FAA

Earlier this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced new regulations, via their Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (Part 107), making it safer for businesses to operate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), by applying the FAA aircraft registration requirements. These new regulations went into effect in August 2016. Commercial drone pilots will now be required to pass the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge test.

The FAA reported, the UAS industry estimates the rule could generate more than $82 billion for the U.S. economy and create more than 100,000 new jobs over the next 10 years.

Preparing for Certification: UAS Training Courses Now Available

In response to the new testing requirements, the Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) has launched an Unmanned Aircraft System UAS training program for two of its locations; Chesapeake and Manassas, Virginia. The program consists of two separate two-day training courses, which are currently being offered on selected weekends. Individuals have the option of registering for a single course, or both courses together.

The first of these training courses serves as an introduction to unmanned aircraft systems and will teach students aerodynamic theory, principles of flight, flight restrictions, obstacle clearing, as well as the roles and responsibilities for unmanned aircraft systems.

The second of these courses provides a deeper operational understanding on unmanned aircraft systems, including unique flight properties and performance, calculating weight and balance, performing basic and advanced flight maneuvers and actions, and responses to common emergency scenarios.

These UAS training courses will prepare students to take the FAA UAS aeronautical knowledge test, or recurrent test for former military UAS operators, which would allow them to obtain their operator certificate from the FAA. Test fees are included in the cost of the training and can be taken right on campus. For more information on course dates, contact Brian Yeck ( for Manassas training and Rosetta CiConta ( for Chesapeake.


AIM Awards International Student Scholarship

Posted by on Jul 27, 2016

Student Scholarship Oppertunity

Aviation Maintenance School Awarding Scholarship to Student from Kochi, India
The Aviation Institute of Maintenance will be awarding a scholarship to a select individual from Kochi, India. This will cover the tuition costs for the student’s Aviation Maintenance Technician program at the campus in the Norfolk, Virginia area.

NORFOLK, Va. (July 27, 2016) –The Aviation Institute of Maintenance (AIM) and the Norfolk Sister City Association of Norfolk, Va.  are partnering with Kochi, India to offer an Aviation Maintenance Technology Scholarship to a select individual from Kochi.  This scholarship will cover the cost of tuition for the recipient’s Aviation Maintenance Technician program at the AIM campus located in the Norfolk, Va. area, and the additional fees for their FAA certification exams. The estimated value of the scholarship is $46,800 USD.

“For decades, AIM has been teaching aviation maintenance professionals within the United States to help launch rewarding careers in aviation maintenance, while serving as a resource for the shortage of aircraft engineers throughout the country.” stated Dr. Joel A. English, Vice President of Operations of AIM.

The Norfolk Sister City Association (NSCA), a part of Sister Cities International, is a nonprofit citizen diplomacy organization that creates and strengthens partnerships between the City of Norfolk, Va. and international partner communities. Additional information about the NSCA can be found here.

“Through the Sister City partnership, we have the opportunity to serve India as a response to the global shortage of FAA-certified aircraft engineers.” said Dr. English. “We hope to become a worldwide partner in aviation maintenance training, and providing this training to a talented and intelligent member of the Kochi community is a benevolent entrance into aviation maintenance training, as well as a way to share business and cultural awareness between our communities.”

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must have completed the equivalent of a high school diploma, be fluent in English, and must submit a one page essay no later than November 1, 2016. Each applicants essay should showcase their academic promise, passion for the aviation maintenance industry, and occupational goals within the aviation field. Award decisions will be made by the Scholarship Committee, with the recipient announced November 15, 2016. Scholarship applications should be emailed to or mailed to the attention of International Business Specialist, Aviation Institute of Maintenance, 4455 South Blvd., Suite 200, Virginia Beach, VA, USA 23452.

About Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Aviation Institute of Maintenance is the United States’ largest family of aviation maintenance schools, with headquarters in Virginia Beach, Va. Students learn the skills necessary to become successful in one of the world’s fastest growing industries, aviation maintenance, and the free Human Factors certification course and it’s Sister City Scholarship Program are examples of the school’s passion and commitment to the international aviation industry.  AIM graduates are trained to meet the increasing global demands of commercial, cargo, corporate and private aviation employers.  AIM’s campuses are located in the following major metro areas: Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Kansas City, Mo., Oakland, Calif., Orlando, Fla., and Norfolk, Va.  Learn more at:


Career Week at AIM Orlando – April 4-7, 2016

Posted by on Apr 12, 2016

AIM Orlando hosted 5 employers last week for their Career Week. Each employer gave a career presentation, conducted interviews & even presented some job offers to our graduates. They were bringing opportunities right to the comfort of our own hangar—how awesome!

Envoy Air, Trans States Airlines, Van Wagner Airship Group, Embraer and PlaneTechs all had recruiters do a remarkable job presenting and speaking with the students, graduates and pending graduates. Over the course of the 4-day event, more than 30 grads received interviews and multiple job offers came out of the week.

It was great to see our graduates walk away each day with a huge smile on their face. Most, if not all, were either offered positions or second interviews.  Way to go AIM Orlando graduates! Everything went so well that each employer that attended asked to return to AIM Orlando for future recruiting and we, of course, said YES!

Thank you to all of our grads for being such incredible representations of what AIM is all about—AIM-ing for success. And congratulations to those Orlando grads that are sitting pretty with their dream jobs clasped in their hands. You deserve it!

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AIM Dallas Cuts the Ribbon & the Veteran Resource Center is Open!

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016

AIM Dallas 's New

It was a very proud week for AIM Dallas. Students, local veteran organizations, the Irving Chamber of Commerce and others came out to celebrate the exciting new addition to their campus—the Veteran Resource Center. With such a strong student population of veterans, the entire AIM team wanted to give those students a special place of their own.

The Veteran Resource Center is expected to not only serve as a one-stop shop for VA student questions such as medical benefits, coping with civilian life, PTSD, etc., but it will also serve as a hang-out area. Complete with magazines, periodicals and newspapers, leather couches, Wi-Fi and four accessible computers, they’ll be able to chill out during breaks and use the provided resources for academic or personal purposes. AIM Dallas also plans to host monthly guest speakers, a veteran monthly spotlight if you will, from veteran organizations all over the area.

You can never give too much back to the men and women who’ve given our country everything! Thank you for your service and we look forward to better serving you with our new Veteran Resource Center.

Check out the pics below!





The Women That Made Aviation

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016


When you think about aviation history most of the names and faces that come to mind are male, with the exception of Emilia Earhart of course! Today we would like to shed some light on the lesser-known women who have made their own incredible marks on the Aviation Industry.

Emma Lilian Todd (1865) – She grew up with a love for mechanical devices and later became a self-taught inventor who is considered the first woman in the world to help design aircraft.

Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman (1892) –The first Native American and African American woman to hold a pilot license, as well as the first African American to earn an International aviation license.

Ruth Rowland Nichols (1901) – The first woman in 1924 to be licensed to fly a hydroplane. In 1927, she was one of two women licensed to fly transport planes. She holds more than 35 women’s aviation records. She set a transcontinental speed record in 1930, beating Charles Lindbergh’s record set earlier that year. She was the only woman to hold simultaneously the women’s world speed, altitude and distance records for heavy land planes before Amelia Earhart broke these records.

Phoebe Omlie (1902) –The first female to receive an airplane mechanic’s license, the first licensed female transport pilot and the first female to be appointed to a federal position in the aviation field.

Elsie MacGill (1905) – The world’s first female aircraft designer. Also known as the “Queen of the Hurricanes”, she worked as an aeronautical engineer during World War II.

Helen Richey (1909) –As a pioneering female aviator, she earned her private license in 1930, at the age of 20. She began her career as an aerobatic pilot and ended up becoming the first woman to be hired as a commercial airline pilot in the United States.

Elinor “The Flying Flapper of Freeport” Smith (1911) – In 1928, then 16, she earned national recognition as the youngest pilot to receive a license from the Federal Aviation Administration. In 1930, she was also voted, “best female pilot” by her peers, a group that included Amelia Earhart. Smith’s aviation records for endurance, altitude and speed in the 1920s and 30s led her to worldwide fame.

Without these lovely ladies, aviation would simply just not be the same. Happy #InternationalWomensDay!

AIM Las Vegas Approved to Accept VA Education Benefits

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has granted Aviation Institute of Maintenance approval to accept VA education benefits at its Las Vegas campus. The approval now makes eleven AIM schools across the nation offering veterans the opportunity to use VA education benefits toward an FAA approved aviation maintenance technician programs.

“Veterans bring a lot to the table—background experience, maturity, outstanding work ethics. These are all extremely valuable qualities in the aviation industry,” said Campus Executive Director Veronica Donahue. “Their ability to complete detailed tasks in a fast-paced, stressful environment aligns with the skill set employers seek during the hiring process.”

AIM’s Las Vegas campus, which is the only aviation maintenance school in Nevada, is located at 5870 South Eastern Avenue and offers day, evening and overnight classes. A big congratulations to our Las Vegas Campus on this very exciting opportunity to serve those who’ve given so much to this country! We are honored and humbled by this opportunity.