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Aviation School Rebuilds mount on Sopwith Strutter

Posted by on May 20, 2013

rebuilt mount on Sopwith Stutter at aviation career school

rebuilt mount

engine mount on Sopwith Strutter at aviation career school hangar

engine mount

The team of future aircraft maintenance technicians at Aviation Institute of Maintenance of Atlanta finished the rebuild on the engine mount of their WWI aircraft.  They moved the mount out from the firewall to allow room for the engine accessories. They will install the engine in the Sopwith Strutter this week. This will allow them to position the oil tank and lines. They will also start working on the airbox for the carburetor. Center section work also continues.

The aviation career school has a new group of volunteers, mostly students from first and second term. One of the new students is a certified TIG welder so that should help with finishing the wing attach fittings on the Sopwith Strutter.

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Aviation Career School Students Modify Sopwith Rotec Mount

Posted by on May 9, 2013

Rotec R3600 mount in the aviation career school hangar

Rotec R3600 mount

Inside the aviation career school you can see the Rotec R3600 mount

Rotec R3600 mount

It’s another busy week for Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Atlanta.  This week we are modifying the mount on our Sopwith Strutter. We are moving it out from the firewall to allow room for the accessories on the engine. We have added longer attach points and now it just needs the services of our expert TIG welder. The rest of the build is moving along, though it has been a bit of a struggle on a few of the parts. The aviation career school student volunteers have just about finished the metal parts for the wings, now they need assembly and welding. We continue on the wood parts for the center section of the Sopwith, though we can’t finish until we get the wing attach plates welded and installed.

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Aviation mechanics finish fairings and stringers on Sopwith Strutter

Posted by on Apr 24, 2013

Side fairings for the Sopwith Strutter in the aviation career school hangar

Side fairings

The team aviation mechanics at Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Atlanta have finished the side fairings and stringers on their Sopwith Strutter aircraft project. These fairings will give the rounded shape to the front of the aircraft. It also will let the team at this aviation career school continue work on the center wing sections. The center sections of the Sopwith Strutter have been a hold up for the AIM students, as they have to be glued in place and can not be removed to facilitate any other work in the area. They have to make sure we have everything else in that area finished before they do the final install.  Just one more item that had to be built a little differently (due to the metal frame) than the original WWI Sopwith Strutter aircraft specifications.

More work on the WWI Sopwith at AIM Atlanta

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013

Cabane struts fitted to cockpit decking in hangar at aviation career school

Cabane struts fitted to cockpit decking

Today at AIM Atlanta we finished making the cutouts on the cockpit deck to fit the cabane struts of the WWI Sopwith Strutter aircraft. It was a tight fit, but the end product looks good. We are working on the fitting of the instrument panel to the cockpit decking, the cabane struts took up a bit of the room in that area so the instrument panel needed some trimming, that done it fits as planned.  The volunteer students at our aviation career school are doing a fantastic job.

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Aviation career school students work during spring break

Posted by on Mar 27, 2013

Stabilizer trim wheel assy, notice gear on right

Stabilizer trim wheel assy, notice gear on right

Cabane struts fitted to frame

Cabane struts fitted to frame

The Cabane strut, the 1/2 of the 1 and 1/2 WWI Strutter Sopwith aircraft is finished. It needs to be welded to the frame but we won’t do that until we have verified its position against the lower wing attachments. The new aviation career school students are busy making pieces for the wing. After the wing pieces are finished we will complete the welding and start building the wings. The stabilizer trim system is finally finished, the gear made by one of our AIM students came out great and works as planned. The air brake is also in working order but we will wait to do the final pinning of the cross shaft until we can determine the trailing edge position of the airbrake.

Aviation Institute of Maintenance at Atlanta students are volunteering to come in during spring break so the work will continue.

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Students at aviation career school reorganize WWI aircraft project

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013

New volunteers in aviation career school hangar

New volunteers Jose Cuellar, Juan Lopez, and Jake Gruenwald

Work slowed down over the last couple of weeks as we had to move the WWI aircraft project to a new area of the aviation career school hangar. We have finally gotten everything back in order and the work on the Sopwith Strutter is getting back on schedule. Our new AIM volunteers are working on wing inspection panels this week, they are learning how to read plans and how to convert the plans to the part they are making.