AIM Campuses Celebrate Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day was no small affair at Aviation Institute of Maintenance. It was a day filled with excitement and gratitude at AIM campuses all across the nation. There were ceremonies, celebrations and even just some special, little ways to say thank you, like pizza! To those that we owe so much to for their bravery, strength & patriotism, it seemed only right that we celebrate them in a big way!

At AIM Atlanta it was a day of ceremony. Daryle Harris brought tears to the crowd as he read the poem “My Name Is Old Glory” by SMSgt. Don S. Miller, USAF retired, as a part of their Veterans Day assembly. SMSgt. Miller wrote the piece in 1983, as his “way of remembering [his] brother, Gunnery Sergeant John F. Miller, US Marine Corps.” It was a pivotal moment in the day’s festivities. At the close of the ceremony, all veterans, both students and staff, from each branch of service were invited to come to the front for recognition. As their respective songs played the hangar filled with pride.

AIM Orlando also celebrated Veterans Day in a big way. At the beginning of the each shift, veteran students were honored through a patriotic video, followed by a playing of the Star Spangled Banner. There was not a soul left sitting as the anthem began its melody. Come lunch, veterans enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch in the hangar with the Campus Executive Director, Mr. Moore, and the Faculty. The time gave Mr. Moore and all faculty the chance to express their immense gratitude for their service and in a personal way.

Other campuses gave the day their own personal touches! AIM Houston veterans were greeted with special pins, as well as treated to lunch. AIM Philly, AIM Indy and AIM Virginia Beach decided a pizza party was the way to go. Pizza on us, lots of laughs and a great deal of gratitude met veteran students come lunch time!

AIM Philly

AIM Houston

AIM Indy

AIM Virginia Beach

At every campus though, was a sense of comradery; a feeling of pride. It was a day to remember all of the incredible heroes that walk AIM’s hallways every day. A wonderful reminder of how honored we are to work and train with these individuals every day. Thank you once again, to your service, your bravery and your dedication to our great country!